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Swollen Members - Warrior feat. Tre Nyce & Young Kazh Official Music Video from the album "Armed To the Teeth" In Stores October 27th, 2009!

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Swollen Members - Warrior Lyrics
Featuring Young Kazh & Tre Nyce
Produced by Rob the Viking
Album Armed to the Teeth

[Hook: Tre Nyce]
Please don't push my back against the wall, wall
You violate my team I'm going off, off
I'm a Warrior
I'm a Warrior

[Verse 1: Madchild]
I'm wearing black like Darth Vader
We're wearing black like we play for the Raiders in a black Mercedes
I fuck white bitches, I make love to black ladies
Get head from hookers with no condom, I'm that crazy
I told that bitch on x, "That is not my baby."
Then ran from that bitch like that bitch had rabies
All these little faggots dressing like it's the eighties
Pink shirts and tight jeans, I am not participating
You a violator, I'm an annihilator
You just a grimy hater, I'll raise the crime rate up
I'll beat you up, steal your drugs, and I'mma try them later
Soon as I get on methadone I'll make your dreams come true
Cause I'm a gladiator with the problem of substance abuse
Mixing coke and oxycontin just for something to do
And if you're fucking with my crew I'm pointing something at you
Cause pills or no pills I'm still a battle axe warrior
Take you to the top and my group notorious
That's right bitch, my clique victorious


[Verse 2: Young Kazh]
Definition of the word, cat, Julius Caesar
Young Octavius, mics and blunts, you know I'm blazing them
Young Hernan Cortes. I go against the Aztecs
Call me Napoleon, bitch. I'm the baddest
Guerrilla warfare. Introduce you to my madness
Baby Adolf. I'm trying to conquer the atlas
Or Big Daddy style. Young Kazh known for wilding
Japanese Samurai so pull up your iron

[Verse 3: Tre Nyce] I
Blow your motherfucking brains on your front seat
Calculated bang. Turn your brains into lunch meat
Sudanese hungry. Black Ted Bundy
Got aem pulling every track back like a bungee
Yeah, your bitch love me. Fuck 'em if they hate me
Call me Doc Nyce. I make them a trauma patient
Armed to the teeth, boy. You'd better believe it
I don't kill you I'mma turn you into a paraplegic


[Verse 4: Prevail]
Yo! See them dark shadows by the fire escape?
Crowbars in the hands? Chainsaws and blades?
Sharp fangs like Blade? Daywalkers? Nightwatch?
Not one of my brothers will fall on my watch
I'm a sentinel identical to those on X-Men
With origins from the country they made Weapon X in
Prevail, Prevail. The P? Make it capital
Tick-tock goes my timebomb. Lots of shrapnel
High cost of living got me cutting expenses
Stay sharp eating bowls of razor blades for my breakfast
Iodine is milk. Rubbing alcohol for orange juice
I'm real fired up and running at you full force, duke